Something semi-fascinating happened yesterday.  I had a bunch
of plastic bags on the ground that I had bought with mulch in them.
One of them had blown under the newer cherry tree, and I picked 
it up.  Underneath was something I've never seen before, an Eastern
Tiger Salamander, about 4 inches long.  He was trying to stay wet
and in the shade I think.  He was scared, of course, so I put a little
water on him and then put the bag over the top of him again.  At least
old-you would have liked to have seen it.  New motherly you, who knows.
But I'm only talking to the old one.  Have a nice whatever.

I put in a music video of Thunderstruck by AC/DC.  I can't imagine you
like it in the least.  I also put in a song called "Cliffs of Dover."
I can remember listening to it at the Springfield airshow in 1994 with
another guy that I used to fly model airplanes with, who was even
younger than me.  I remember we drove my dad's blue truck down there
and they played it while some parachutists descended or something.
You may or may not have ever even heard of it.
It's strange that when I think of a date like 1994, I always try to put
it in perspective of what happened in my life.  2002 is always a date
that I relate 8 years after this is when I met you.  17 years
later is when you left for the last time.  It's equally strange to have
so many memories in my head.  Unfortunately no matter how hard I try,
I can never get those memories out of my head, and believe me I've tried
everything short of a 5.56mm round so far.  Every time I go to Macomb
and drive by the Dairy Queen I think of standing watching that other
Typhoon drive by that one night.  Every day it's the same way.  Every
action reminds me of something I did with you.  It's a miserable existence.
I'm nothing but miserable 24 hours a day.  Or at least it feels like it.
Maybe that makes you smile.  If so I'm happy for you.