I have about 15 minutes before I leave to take Meiko to get
his stitches out.  I still can't hardly believe Willie is gone.
I keep looking for him when I come in the door, and look for
him in the morning when I get up.  It's a terrible feeling.
I did some more digging this morning.  The ground isn't frozen
solid at least but there are some tree roots to dig through.
Reminds me of burying all of the others over there.
Oh well.  Seeya later.

I got back from Meiko's appointment, he's doing really well.
I still can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that Willie
is gone.  I look for him every time I come back home, until
I forget that he will never again be greeting me at the door.
I felt the same way after Dessa, and after Spud.  It's a very
strange, empty feeling.  I dug some more in the lot.  I've
tried a new technique where I dig with the post hole digger
enough to get a bunch of loose dirt, then I vacuum it up and
dump it out.  It seems to go a lot faster, but it's still
very depressing and lonely work.  Baby and Meiko watched me
for a bit.  I think Meiko is still looking for him.  They
were almost inseparable for such a long time, ever since
Meiko got here in 2011.  I feel the same way.  I miss him
so terribly much.