I finally found a place that sells vermiculite and powdered gypsum.  I put a ton on the garden, and I have more to put down.
I'm hoping it will finally grow things like radishes and potatoes better.  The soil has always been pretty hard for anything
that needs to grow in the ground.

I had to do some wiring in that apartment building in Macomb last week.  It's now a fraternity.  I could have used your help.
I wonder sometimes if you still remember the wiring order of ethernet cables.
I still also wonder why, after all of these years, you still come back here.  Are you looking to see how I am doing?
I can tell you I've never been worse, mentally or physically.  I don't have much information about you, and it's probably
just as well that I don't.  In a way I want to know, but it wouldn't make me feel any better to know that you're either a billionaire
or begging on the street.
We can certainly look forward to a regional war with Iran, though.  Ought to be exciting.

I type these things in by hand these days, at least the ones at this link aren't in an actual blog format anymore.
So you'll have to forgive the occasional misspelling or misplaced punctuation.  VI doesn't have much in the way of spell checking.

Now and then I get energetic enough to start some big project of some sort, but it always seems like life drags me back down.
I can't say I've accomplished much recently other than just living and working.  Not a very happy life.  I don't do much
fun or exciting.  Most of the stuff out of the garden I just give away, anyway.  I haven't felt much like canning.

Oh well that's back to talking about boring things.  Guys are supposed to be stoic mannequins that never feel anything but joy
and never have any problems in life, right?

Bon giorno.  Or something like that.